Superfish menu

Superfish menu

Superfish is a Drupal third-party module, integrates jQuery Superfish plugin with your Drupal menus. This popular menu module is developed by Mehrpadin and is widely used by Drupal lovers (see the updated statistic number here).

In overview, Superfish module allows users to add styles to Drupal menus with little CSS effort. This module supports dropdown and navbar menu, RTL language, multi-column sub menus, touchscreen compatible and a lot more features.

On our both premium and free themes, we support Superfish module. Besides keeping all the settings, styles and features of the module, we create a style for it to fit with each theme style. With extra effort on premium themes, we have responsive Superfish menu which can work on any tablet and mobile device.


Flexible fixed and fluid grid

Nucleus has a very powerful and flexible grid system. It supports both 960gs fix grid system and fluid grids as well..


Versatile Typography

You can set the font for all main default elements from a list of font-families, google fonts or load your custom theme...


Advanced Block Styling

You can set a default style for all blocks under global settings or define for each region it's own style.



Best way to see Nucleus features is to download one installation profile and reproduce exactly the content and the theme...

On the Subject of Me

On the Subject of Me

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